It's the guiding philosophy behind Chill Pop Shop a Cleveland-based food business producing frozen fruit pops made with only real fruit and all natural, fresh ingredients.  Unlike commercial popsicles on grocery shelves, Chill Pops are 'made with meaning' and void of any toxic colorings or artificial ingredients.  Chill strives to create delicious and innovative flavors, refreshing timeless classics with a modern twist. And with Chill Pops, you can enjoy this sweet treat without a lick of guilt!

Chill Pop Shop offers a variety of unexpected, hip flavors with a clean, laid-back label. From superfood-packed Coco Mocha Fudge, to restorative and refreshing Cucumber-Kiwi, Chill Pops not only taste great, but are healthy, too. 

Chill Pop Shop was founded by partners Elizabeth and Maggie Pryor, who together are committed to making frozen fruit pops that are as intentional as they are enjoyable. 

After living in Columbus for several years, the pair developed a deep love for quality, local foods as well as a passion for seeking out creative and innovative flavors. As natives to the Cleveland area, Elizabeth and Maggie had always looked forward to returning to their hometown and immersing themselves in the energy of the city’s reputable and growing food scene. The pair began plans for Chill Pop Shop shortly after returning returning to Cleveland in the spring of 2013, and Chill Pop Shop officially opened for business in July 2013. 

Since its early days of selling single pops from a push cart at local markets, Chill Pops are now available through wholesale, mobile, catering, and in four-pack boxes in six unique flavors at 60+ retail stores across the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern region, including Whole Foods and Mom’s Organic Market.