It is as simple as the ingredients we choose to use...our purpose is to provide others "tasty treats, made with meaning".

We are committed to producing handmade ice pops utilizing only fresh, quality ingredients.  We love knowing where our food comes from and how it is, naturally, we work to bring that type of intention and integrity into creating our Chill pops.

Whether it's sourcing fruit locally and organically whenever possible, to experimenting with various natural sweeteners, or using grass-grazed dairy in our recipes, we aim to offer a satisfying snack or delicious dessert without any of the guilt.  No added preservatives, toxic colors or artificial sweeteners, ever.  

Our belief is that health and happiness go hand in hand.  So go ahead and indulge...knowing you won't need to read a lengthy label while your pop melts.  Once you try one of our refreshing flavors and get lost in the joy of these classic, timeless treats, the only thing melting will be your heart.